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Our Program

Four distinct levels of high-quality health care services are available to our patients. Placement is determined by medical necessity, personal factors and insurance coverage. These levels are:

Detoxification • Rehabilitation • Day Treatment • Intensive Outpatient

In addition, we offer services to family members and a continuing care program for both patients and their families.

Drug and alcohol problems are the focus of all levels of treatment, and each patient must have a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence. We also treat many medical professionals and are approved by Florida and Alabama's impaired professionals programs.

Detoxification (Detox)
This is the process of relieving withdrawal symptoms while helping an individual adjust to living without alcohol and/or drug use. Our medical director oversees all aspects of detoxification. Registered nurses closely monitor patients' vital signs and symptoms of withdrawal to make this a safe and effective process. This is part of the inpatient program and patients are able to participate in group and individual therapy.

This in-patient program assists patients by getting them out of their using environments and breaking the cycle of addiction. In addition to group and individual therapy, they are exposed to 12 step meetings (AA, NA, CA) and educational groups. The focus is to build sobriety skills and develop new coping behaviors.

Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization)
After patients are medically and emotionally stable, they sometimes are able to spend their nights at home. This gives them an opportunity to "test the waters" while still having the safety of a treatment program during the day. Patients are expected to attend daily twelve-step meetings and begin to practice the skills they developed while in Rehabilitation.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Patients attend IOP three half-days a week. Those who have stable living environments and do not require detox may be candidates for IOP. It provides on-going therapy and support while people transition to real life situations.

Family Program
Weekly educational and therapeutic programs are offered for all family members as an opportunity to discuss personal situations, provide personal growth and receive tools for problem solving. An Alanon meeting is held directly following the Continuing Care group and provides an opportunity for exposure to this self-help group.

Wellness and Leisure
Addiction becomes the center of an addict's/alcoholic's life. Hobbies, interests and leisure skills fall by the wayside, as addiction takes over. Often, we hear fears that patients do not think they can have fun without using a chemical. We provide opportunities to begin the journey of finding fun in the recovery process. Nutrition classes provide information on the importance of healthy eating. Family visitation also provides opportunities to rediscover playing with their children, spending time with family and making plans for the future.

Continuing Care
Once you have been a patient at The Friary, we consider you part of The Friary family. We want you to succeed in your recovery program and provide on-going support groups for you. Weekly groups are available in Pensacola, Ft. Walton and at The Friary. These are available to you for as long as you want to attend, at no charge. We encourage those alumni who live in our area to attend one or more of these groups. We also offer a Continuing Care group for family members at The Friary.

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