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About Us

The Friary provides primary services for the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. Throughout the treatment process, the staff of The Friary know the pain of addiction and in a caring, professional atmosphere will help develop the skills needed for recovery.

We Understand ...
That alcohol and other drug dependencies are treatable illnesses. Treatment and the recovery process give people their lives back.

We Understand ...
That family members are deeply affected by addiction and need help for themselves and healing for their relationships.

We Understand ...
That the 12 Step principals provide a basic framework to guide the recovery process.

We Understand ...
That addiction does not occur in a vacuum and that other issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain and family relationships, should be incorporated into treatment and aftercare.

The Friary provides individualized treatment for drug and alcohol as well as Medication Assisted Treatment – for opiate and prescription drug treatment. In-patient and out-patient services are available. A confidential assessment is available to help determine the appropriate treatment services. There is no charge for the initial assessment. In-patient services include detoxification and residential/rehabilitation levels of care. Day treatment and intensive outpatient services are also available.( Click here to view the Our Program section for descriptions of these services )

Treatment recommendations are based on severity of illness and prior history of substance abuse. For some, it is medically necessary to begin with detoxification/residential treatment. For others, beginning with day treatment or the intensive outpatient program may be best.

Inpatient length of stay averages 23-30 days and Intensive Outpatient is usually from 20 to 24 sessions over a 6 to 8 week period. Transfer from one service component to another takes place as the person progresses through treatment.

The Friary uses well-established, research-based treatment methods that have proven effective for treating addiction. Motivational Enhancement therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, 12 step and community-based approaches and Experiential therapy methods are part of the therapeutic process. Individual psychotherapy and family therapy are an important part of the treatment experience. Other groups include educational lectures, medical lectures, nutrition, and activities and exercise.

Treatment of Other Issues
Identification and treatment, within the scope of the program, are available for the following:

  • Mental Health problems including depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder
  • Chronic Relapse
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Chronic pain
  • Gender specific issues
  • Special problems of professionals
  • Chronic medical conditions associated with addiction
  • Co-dependency

Professional Caring Staff
The Friary provides a high staff-to-client ratio in an intimate, residential setting.

  • Our medical director is a certified addictionologist through the American Society of Addiction Medicine.
  • All our therapists have achieved a master’s degree and many are also licensed as mental health counselors. Registered nurses are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with patient care.
  • Many staff are involved in recovery programs of their own.
  • The Friary is a Trauma Informed environment.

Beginning Recovery
Recovery begins with a phone call to The Friary. Individuals with an addiction, family members, health professionals, employers and concerned others are encouraged to call. Referrals and calls for information are treated with total confidentiality.

The Friary accepts many health insurance plans. Admission staff can help you determine your coverage.

For more information about The Friary's treatment programs or to arrange a confidential assessment, call (850) 932-9375 or toll free (800) 332-2271.

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